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Euro Champions Program Starts Nov 5th

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Is your child looking to improve their soccer skills over the winter months? Are they looking for a program that will help challenge them to progress to the next level in the game of soccer without a commitment of 3-4 nights a week? Look no further than our Euro Champions program!

We are entering the 10th year of the Euro Champions program which has been a staple program at Sahlen Sports Park.

The program enlists high-level coaches for each age group (U12 through U18), who train their team two times a week from the beginning of November to the end of April. Players thrive from the combination of high level structured practices during the week followed by the competitive atmosphere they face when entering league play or intense intra-squad scrimmages on the weekends.

Last year was an extremely successful year for the program as we had over 100 players registered in the program, including 20 players registered in both our U16 girls age group and our U14 boys. Through structured, competitive training sessions all Euro groups progressed which showed not only individually, but collectively as a team through their results in league play.

“It is so rewarding as a coach to see the growth that we saw this past year. Players improved technically, tactically, made new friends, as well as improved character attributes like work ethic, leadership, teamwork, and commitment,” said Program Director Dylan Begany, former collegiate assistant coach. “Our teams improvement in the leagues at Sahlen’s showed how much each group progressed. I also received numerous emails over the summer from parents keeping our coaching staff updated on not only how much more confident their child was in their travel/premier environment, but that they were much more consistent and skilled.”

All teams were extremely competitive at SSP, including our U16 girls who finished in 2nd place during our spring league session only losing in the championship game 2-1. In addition, our U14 girls went on to win their spring league session after impressive win over Clarence in the championship game.

Each year the program is a big success and players love the experience as it helps them better prepare for both the high school and travel seasons. The program is also ideal as it is affordable and flexible with players training only one night a week and games on Saturdays or Sundays. Playing other school sports is encouraged and players are able to manage their day-to-day schedules without the massive commitment of 3-4 nights/week.

Our coaches are already looking forward to this upcoming season and we know you are too! Get the word out to your friends and don’t wait until the high school season is over- sign up today! Our Early Bird Registration discount ends October 1st!

The 2018 season will begin on Monday, November 5, 2018 and will run through April 2019. CLICK HERE to learn more!