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Welcome to Sahlen Sports Park. Our purpose at Sahlen Sports Park is to provide a facility where family oriented, recreational sports activities can be enjoyed in an environment that cultivates values like Sportsmanship, Leadership, Honesty, Responsibility and Integrity. This environment is a product of both the actions and attitudes of our staff, management and all who pass through our doors


"Coach Aaran (Lines), I have been meaning to congratulate you and SSP in making the financial expenditure to install solar panels at SSP. As a high-profile company and family, taking this innovative step shows not only a sound commitment to the environment and future generations, but also solidifies you as an innovator and leader in your community. Thank you!"
- Holly Nickel

"I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to be at your facility this past Saturday!  We drove through a horrible snowstorm from Orangeville Ontario for our first trip down for the U18 boys tournament. The entire staff that we had the pleasure of meeting was amazing. So friendly and helpful! The guys in the cafe went out of their way to accommodate our boys! Even when they were rescheduled with back to back games and little time to eat.  I appreciated their willingness to wrap our sandwiches to stay fresh and cut them in half to be eaten at different times.  Your friendliness and sense of humor was appreciated! Keep up the good work.  Thank you again!  Lori and family :)"

Our son, Elijah, enjoyed the coaching he received and learned so much. He was part of a great team with great teammates. He was sad last Wednesday after the last practice. He was going to miss his teammates. Elijah had his first travel game last night. And I could tell how much his game has improved since being part of the Euro Champions program. He was more confident on the ball, dribbling, passing. More aggressive in trying to win the ball from opponents.
- Frank Majchrzak

"Great fields, reasonable prices! Well worth the extra 5 minutes of drive time in each direction over any of the other indoor soccer venues. :-)"
- Anne Dafchik

"My 8-year-old and 5 year old sons have been attending the soccer programs at Sahlen's Sports Park for the past two years.  Coach "Kiwi" Lines and Coach Alex Sahlen have assembled an enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaching staff.  The soccer instruction is top notch and is presented to the young athletes in a way that will challenge them to improve, but is easily understood and fun to participate in. Training sessions are well planned and organized.  The children are moving every second, never standing still or wasting time.  Coach "Kiwi" and Coach Sahlen are fully involved in all of the coaching and instruct each and every player.  They are not just figure heads who put their name on a brochure and you never see. As great as the soccer instruction is, what I am most pleased with and impressed by is the connection all of the coaches and the WNY Flash players have made with my sons and all of the young soccer players.  It is easy to see that the coaches not only have a passion for soccer, but also truly enjoy working with children.  Through their interactions, the coaches have made a very positive impact on my sons' soccer skills and, more importantly to me, their character.  It is very common at home to hear my children quote one of their coaches about many different topics, not just soccer. I believe the soccer programs at Sahlen's are the perfect combination of professional level instruction, delivered by people who are excellent role models for children."
- Sam Endich

"My wife and I would like to take a moment to personally thank Coach Aaran "Kiwi" Lines, Alex Sahlen, and the staff at Sahlen's Sports Park in regard to the soccer training and development that my daughter receives and is part of.  My daughter has been training with Kiwi and his staff for the last 3 years at Sahlen's Sports Park and our travel consists of a three hour round trip from Rochester to Sahlen's in Buffalo 1-2 times per week.  I cannot say enough about how invaluable Coach "Kiwi", his staff, and the facilities have been to the development of my daughter's soccer skills, knowledge of the game, and her overall workmanlike training attitude.  We continue to be in awe of how professional, demanding, and thorough Kiwi and his staff have been in their training. The individual training plan, goals, and expertise that Kiwi has personally installed for my daughter's training has gone beyond what anyone could expect.  This personal attention to detail, combined with my daughter's lofty goals in mind, has created a close family type of atmosphere at Sahlen's.  It has been more than we ever expected.  My wife and I truly believe that Kiwi and his staff will do all they can to help my daughter reach for her goals.  Their support over the years has been unwavering, appreciated, and unprecedented!  We look forward to continuing to be a part of Kiwi's training program going forward and watching our daughter grow in the game of soccer.  Kiwi, his staff, and a facility at Sahlen's Sports Park are second to none."
- John Lowe 

"My daughter started training with Alex in August of 2011, she went from a mediocre player during the Spring/Summer 2011 travel season to one of the best on her travel team during the Spring/Summer 2012 season.  I cannot say enough good things about the quality and effectiveness of the training my daughter has received from Alex and the rest of the coaching staff at Sahlen's."
- Kevin Von Vreckin

"SSP has been a huge impact on the character of our three children as they learned leadership, perseverance, payoff, dedication, and soccer. Thanks to you, Aaron and Alex for all you provided for our family. As we watched the USA women's soccer team, we know what a part your organization has played in their development. What a privilege for us to be able to see that in action."
- Brigette Jourdian