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Sahlen Sports Park COVID-19 Policies and Protocols

Sahlen Sports Park is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all of our guests. To ensure such safe and healthy environment, Sahlen Sports Park has developed the following policies and protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. All guests and staff are responsible for implementing these policies and protocols. It is Sahlen Sports Park's goal to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 at our facilities, which requires full cooperation among our staff, coaches, players, game officials, and guests. Only through this cooperative effort can a safe and healthy environment be established for all.

Documents, Policies, and Protocols

Return to Play


Flash Fields Facility Map

Summer Camps

All Sahlen Sports Park Summer Camps will strictly follow the recommendations put forth by the CDC, New York State's Interim Guidance for Child Care and Day Camp Programs, as well as all applicable local or state government regulations. All summer camps will be held outdoors at Flash Fields. In addition, in order to ensure proper social distancing, Sahlen Sports Park has increased the number of coaches that will be working summer camps, allowing for a smaller player-coach ratio.

To learn more about our summer camps, please click here

Flash Fields

In addition to the policies laid out in the Sahlen Sports Park Return to Play Document it is important to remember the following when entering Flash Fields. 

  • Facemasks are required at Flash Fields, except for when players, coaches, or game officials are participating directly in on-field activities.
  • All guests are required to bring their own facemasks, none will be provided. 
  • Players, coaches, game officials, and staff are the only individuals that are allowed on the turf at Flash Fields. 
  • All guests should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before their session or game begins. 
  • All guests must exit the facility within 5 minutes of their session or game ending. 
  • High-fives, handshakes, knuckles, and group celebrations are not permitted. 
  • No spitting is permitted. 

Please note, there is a designated entrance and exit at Flash Fields, as well as a designated dropoff/pickup zone. 

We encourage you to check out our Flash Fields Facility Map prior to visiting the facility. 


If you have questions regarding Sahlen Sports Park's COVID-19 Policies and Protocols, please contact General Manager Chuck Lawless by email at