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Are you an individual looking for a team? Or a team in need of a player?

The Free Agent Board offers a way for players and coaches to communicate quickly and effectively using Google Groups. Below, you'll find the latest topics from the group.

To post to the via the web, you need a Google account. If you already use Gmail, YouTube, or any of Google's many services, you may already be all set. Otherwise, we encourage you to sign up for an account (note: you do not have to sign up for Gmail).

Once you have signed up, you can post new a topic or reply to any existing topics. However, we strongly recommend that you join the group for the best experience. By joining, you'll have the option to receive an email whenever a topic is posted or replied to. When you join, you'll be presented with email options so if you don't want emails, you can choose that option and still join the group.

By replying to a group email, you're message will be seen by all group members and displayed on the group board (below). You can also email the group directly to post a new topic. Just email and your message will be posted.

You can access the Free Agent Board anytime below or at!forum/sahlensportspark.