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Free Agent Board

Are you an individual looking for a team or a team in need of a player?

Our Free Agent Board offers a way for individuals and teams to communicate quickly and effectively using Google Groups.

To post on the Free Agent Board, you are required to have a Google account. If you already use some of Google's services such as Gmail, YouTube, or Drive, you may already have a Google account. If not, in order to post on the Free Agent Board, you will need to sign up for an account

Once you have accessed your Google account, you can post a new topic or reply to any existing topics. However, we strongly recommend that you join the group for the best experience. By joining the group, you will have the option to receive an email whenever a topic is posted or a reply is made. Joining the group does not automatically mean you will receive emails when a topic is posted or replied to, instead, you will be presented with options upon joining the group. 

By replying to a group email, your message will be seen by all group members and displayed on our Free Agent Board (below). You can also email the group directly to post a new topic by sending an email to sahlensportspark@googlegroups.com

You can access the Free Agent Board anytime below or at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/sahlensportspark.