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Sahlen Sports Park





Boarded Field

55 minutes


Field #23 (Half)

55 minutes


Field #23 (Full)

55 minutes


Field #1 (Half)

55 minutes


Field #1 (Full)

55 minutes


Field #45 (Half)

55 minutes


Field #45 (Full)

55 minutes


Mezzanine Room

Per Hour


FIELD #45 (Full-Size Regulation Field):

Sahlen Sports Park features a FULL REGULATION 110 yards X 70 yards making it one of the largest indoor fields in the country. Our FULL REGULATION FIELD has synthetic grass like surface which looks feels and plays just like grass only better. The field is host to Sahlen Sports Park's 11 v 11 soccer tournaments, which draw elite teams from Canada, Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and all of Western New York. The field can also be broken into two fields as well. This field has also hosted collegiate lacrosse and soccer matches. 


Field #1 at 42yds X 82yds is our second largest field here at Sahlen sports Park. However, it is a larger field than is offered by any other facilities in the area and is lined out to work as a field hockey field.

FIELD #23:

Field #23 at 35yds X 96yds can be played full field for Soccer, Lacrosse, Football, or Field Hockey. The field can also serve as two Softball diamonds.  Field #23 has Sportexe synthetic grass-like surface. Field #23 as is the case with all of our fields can be played and or rented as a full field or two half fields.


Our boarded field measures 21yds X 42yds and has a synthetic grass like surface. The boarded field is home to our exclusive and very popular Champions League and WNY Flash Jr. Academy programs.