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Sahlen Sports Park

2021/2022 Field Rental Pricing




Off-Prime Pricing

Boarded Field

55 minutes



Field #23 (Half)

55 minutes



Field #23 (Full)

55 minutes



Field #1 (Half)

55 minutes



Field #1 (Full)

55 minutes



Field #45 (Half)

55 minutes



Field #45 (Full)

55 minutes



Mezzanine Room

Per Hour



 *All private rentals require full payment at time of reservation.

Field #45 (Full-Size FIFA Regulation Soccer Field)

With dimensions of 110 yards x 70 yards, Field #45 is not only the largest indoor turf field in all of Western New York, it is one of the largest indoor fields in the country. Featuring a synthetic grass-like surface, Field #45 is home to our Super Series Tournaments, which draw elite soccer clubs and academies from all throughout the Northeast and Canada for 11v11 play, as well as matches from our youth soccer, adult soccer, and men's flag football leagues. Field #45, like all our fields, can be split into two fields; many local soccer clubs utilize this feature by running as many as four practices at once. Field #45 has also hosted college soccer and lacrosse matches. 

Activities that have been played on Field #45 include:

Soccer  |  Lacrosse |  Rugby  |  Flag Football  |  Football


Field #1

The second largest field we offer, Field #1, has dimensions of 82 yards x 42 yards and is lined for field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer. Featuring a great view from our mezzanine, Field #1, in addition to hosting our youth and adult field hockey leagues, plays host to our youth and adult soccer leagues as well as various practices and marching band rehearsals. 

Activities that have been played on Field #1 include:
Soccer  |  Lacrosse  |  Field Hockey  |  Football  |  Marching Band


Field #23

With dimensions of 96 yards x 35 yards, Field #23, in addition to being the first indoor field at Sahlen Sports Park, serves as a 'jack off all trades;' featuring the ability to serve as two softball diamonds, two soccer fields, or a full field for soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey.

Activities that have been played on Field #23 include:
Softball  |  Lacrosse  |  Field Hockey  |  Softball  |  Baseball  |  Rugby  |  Football  |  Bubble Soccer  |  Nerf Darts


Boarded Field

Measuring 42 yards x 21 yards and featuring a synthetic grass-like surface, our boarded field is home to our exclusive Champions Program and serves as a great location for your next birthday party! It's boarded surrounding allows children to have fun in a safe and contained environment. From individual training to Nerf battles to bubble soccer and more, our Boarded Field has everything you need for your next workout or celebration!

Activities that have been played on our Boarded Field include:
Soccer  |  Bubble Soccer  |  Nerf Darts  |  Individual Training  |  Birthday Party