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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level of competition at your tournaments?

We aim to provide the most competitive tournaments possible. We have welcomed elite clubs and academies from all throughout the Northeast and Canada in the past.

What do I need to do in order to register my team?

You will need to complete the online registration for the specific tournament you are registering for, as well as fill out the online roster that will be emailed to the team contact following registration. 

What do I need to complete as a team contact or coach for my team to play at Sahlen Sports Park?

You must complete the online roster with complete information for EACH player that will be emailed to the team contact following registration. In addition, the team contact or coach is required to complete the mandatory Code of Conduct form

Where can I find the online roster form?

Once registration is completed, the team contact will receive an email with a link specific to that registered team. If you cannot find the email after you have registered feel free to contact Missy Taylor at (716) 655-7529 ext. 101 or to have it resent to you.

Where can I find the mandatory Code of Conduct form?

The mandatory Code of Conduct form can be found here

Where can I find the mandatory Individual Minor Waiver form?

The mandatory Individual Minor Waiver form can be found here

Once I have completed the registration online, how do I know if I have been accepted into the tournament?

The team contact will receive two emails, one email confirming that you have registered your team and a second email that contains a link to complete your online roster.

When can I expect to see a schedule?

In most cases, the schedule is completed once the tournament is full or within one week of the tournament, whichever happens first. Once the schedule is completed, it will be sent to the team contact and posted on our website.

What do my players need to complete to compete at Sahlen Sports Park. 

Each player must fill out a mandatory Individual Minor Waiver form, which can be found here

We are coming from another country and need to prove that we are coming to participate in your tournament, do you have anything we can provide at the border?

Yes, we have a Permission to Host letter from New York State West that you can provide at the border. This letter can be found here

My club is traveling from a long distance. Can my games be at specific times?

We can’t guarantee any time requests but will do our best to accommodate.

We cannot make your tournament dates for our age group. Can you help us coordinate friendly matches?

We would be very happy to help arrange friendly matches among teams.

Additional Questions

Contact Andy Evenhouse, Director of Fields & Facilities
Phone: 716.655.7529  ext. 105