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BU14 Schedule


Sunday November 20,2016

A                                                             B

SDA 03                                             SDA 04


PETERBOROUGH                          WELLSVILLE

Revised Schedule 9am 11/20

1200pm    Wellsville-0  v  Oakville-4

1245pm   Academy Garrincha-7  v Peterborough-0

145pm      Wellsville-0  v  Peterborough-1

230pm      Academy Garrincha-3   v  Oakville-0

330pm     Wellsville-0  v  Academy Garrincha-3

415pm     Peterborough-0  v Oakville-5

515pm         1st Place A G-2    v   2nd Place Oakville-1

Wednesday December 28 X MAS BLAST

(Updated Wed Dec 21, now 7 Teams)

4 -35 minute games/team

1030AM  GPS-14-0      V    SUPER  9-0

1110AM   MILTON-2   V     LAKEFRONT-0

1150AM   USA-1         V      NMSC-0


110PM   GPS-1           V    MILTON

150PM   NMSC -2         V    LAKEFRONT-1

230PM   USA  -5           V    PETERBOROUGH-0

310PM   SUPER 9  -0   V    MILTON-2

350PM    GPS-14  -5     V   LAKEFRONT-0

430PM   NMSC-1          V   PETERBOROUGH-0

510PM    USA -6           V    SUPER 9-0

550PM   MILTON -0       V    NMSC-0

630PM   GPS-14 =5         V   PETERBOROUGH-0

710PM   USA -1               V   LAKEFRONT -0

750PM    1ST-USA-1               V     2ND  GPS-3                  -Championship

Saturday April 15,2017      BU13/14  (40 minute games )

Updated as Of 4pm  5 -team Round Robin

330PM    Milton-2   v     SDA-0

415PM    GPS-0      v   Milton-1

500PM    SDA -0    v       Amherst-2

545PM      GPS-1     v     Amherst-0

630PM     Milton -3       v    London/Oakridge-0

710PM     Milton -2      v   Amherst-0

750PM       London/Oakridge-2     v  SDA-0

830PM       GPS-0  V  SDA-1

910PM       London/Oakridge-3  V  Amherst-2

950 PM     London/Oakridge-0  v  GPS-0

Champions- Milton

Saturday  April 15, 2017    BU13/14   ( 35 MINUTE GAMES- ROUND ROBIN)

930AM       BSA-0   V  AJAX  RED-2

1005AM     CENTRAL S A -3  V   AJAX WHITE-0

1040AM      BSA-0   V   AJAX  WHITE-0

1115AM      SDA  EAST--0   V   CENTRAL S A-6

1150AM      BSA -2    V   CENTRAL S A-3

1225PM      AJAX RED-0   V   SDA  EAST-1

100PM        CENTRAL S A-1     V  AJAX RED-0

135PM          SDA- EAST  -2  V   AJAX  WHITE-0

210PM          BSA-1   V   SDA   EAST-1

245PM          AJAX RED -1  V   AJAX WHITE-1 

Champions- Central S A